Yuki is a 13-year-old girl and Marrisa's friend. She has 7 guardian characters that she wants to be and they are Yamika,Mikki,Amy,Minami,Era,Ira and Tune. The Z-fighters don't see them. When Yuki's gonna fight, she transform with one of her guardian characters. She was once a weakling but she train hard with her friend, Marrisa.

She met many kinds of saiyans when she came to West City. She once see Marrisa's yuri secret. And Yuki loves to tease her. Yuki knows how to fight like a saiyan but she's just a human being. She fight for all of the Z-fighters. Some of the Z-fighters doesnt believe that Yuki is strong but she tries to fight the bad guys to show that she is strong. Marrisa believes her because she is her best friend.

Yuki has a crush but he's at Tokyo. Yuki kept telephoning him when she's free from training. She wants to show her crush that she's strong too! But she can't come home to Tokyo because she has a fight to deal. Yuki trains with Marrisa and Gohan. She has to be strong. One day, she will become one of her guardian characters. She has good skills of fighting when it comes to training.

She likes to eat and train but she likes hanging out. She hates bad guys who kills her love one. In tokyo, she's the heroin in her school because she protect people's heart eggs. But in West City, she has to change and start a new life as a Z-Fighter