Vixen is half Vulparian, her father being the King. She has a siter who she is a year older than, Kit. She has no problem with being a bastard. She is a good person who raised her little sister after the death of the King and Queen when she was 7.

She trained Kit how to fight and trains with her all the time, always keeping a slight edge over her. However even though the fact that she is stronger means she should be the next ruler, not Kit, she turned it down. She could tell even then that Kit was meant to rule. But she prmoised to be there to help her.

She is far from the perfet princess, and while Kit is a good theif, she almost never practices any part of her art.
Vixen on the other hand is often sneaking out, playing Robinhood so to speak. Stealing from rich giving to the homeless. She picks locks and is the most skilled theif amongst her people.

She is also one of the girls with the most suitors, more than her sister, by double.

She turns them all away remembering her promise ""Then to you little sister, I swear a vow on my honor and pride. Until the day you are wed I shall turn all suitors away. Then when you are wed, I may be too, then you will not be alone when I move with my husband"

She enjoys life.


She is quick on her feet, sly, vulgar, She is head strong and brave, where her sister is sweet and thinks things therw.


~She has no tail because she is only a half breed

~She wears a shirt that says foxy, a joke since her species are based on foxes to some degree and even have the tails ears.

~She is her sister's bodyguard