Vinca is a human girl with a lot of power. She was never officially trained, but is a great fighter. She used to be a theif, along with her friend Pinto and her boyfriend, Sanguis.

One day, while planning a new hiest, Vinca, Sanguis, and Pinto were attacked by the androids. Although they were fighters, they were no match for the androids. Sanguis gave his life to help the girls escape, and Vinca's felt guilty about his death ever since. She and Pinto swore they would take their revenge on the androids and make them pay for Sanguis' death.

Vinca and Pinto formed a two-girl fighting team, but after Pinto is injured, Pinto's cousin Parsley takes them into her hospital. Through Parsley the two meet Trunks, Emerald, and the rest of the Z Warriors. Since they share a similar goal, they decide to join the Z Fighters.


Vinca is quick thinking and headstrong. Once she decides to do something, she does it; end of story. Her sole purpose in life, now, is to take revenge for her boyfiend's death at the hands of the androids.


- Her name means "excel" or "vanquish" in Latin

- She is ambidextrous

- Vinca used to be a thief before her boyfriend was killed