Kai (A new Bio Android)

Android 27

Android 28 (Haruko)

Android 29

The two main Androids that terroize Earth are Androids 17 and 18

Android 17 model 2(goes good)

Android 16 Model 2 (goes good)

Android 18 Model 2 (goes good)

Android 19 Model 2 (goes good)

Android 18 (goes good)

Android 17 (goes good)

Android 13 Model 2

Android 15 Model 2

Chirune (Good but she created 2,3 and Cell. She created Cell by accident)



Jiro (Kai's Laboratory Assistant along with the androids)

TX (Android Copy Of Dr.Gero himself)

Android 1

Crisis (Actually Good but was built into an Android by his father at birth because of his heart failure)

See Androids Created By Dr.Cris and Crisis