She grew up in a noble family, very well off (hence the diamonds in her hair and her necklace). But when she is 15 it was revealed by a girl who wished to marry the man she was betrothed to that she was not actually the daughter of the head of her family, but in fact a bastard. But worse than that her father was a Hettvallian. And to top it off her grandfather was the Hettvallian that personally destroyed the original Mitsumea.
Because of this she was disowned from her family and turned over to be arrested. The counsel voted to have her executed for her grandfathers crimes (her grandfather being a powerful noble in charge of the most powerful Militaries in the galaxy. and second in three. She fled with only what she had on when she was arrested (her necklace and diamonds included)
She fled to where the exiled priestess, Athena, was said to be hiding Earth.
She was wanted dead by her mothers people, and wanted to be nothing like her fathers.
When she arrived on Earth she had an encounter with 17. She fled again. She quickly learned that here she might just have to take up kill or be killed. So she did. She started to adapt to living to on the streets, which was a big change for her. She is a skilled cook and theif. She hardened up and started fighting to live. keeping herself hidden from the ones she once loved, praying not to be found by her grandfather who she learned was looking for her to make her his heir.
She thinks that if the Shinhan girls had come to New Mitsumea, they could've turned over the counsel's orders and she wouldn't be in the situation she is in so she hates them.
She possesses telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, Umbrakenisis (control over shadows), and an ability to use songs to increase allies strength, control emotions (which she realizes she can do when she is 18) and create barriers


Smart, Tough, Stubborn, Vulgar, Short Tempered, Honest, Closed Off

Venus new hairy style

-She uses her looks to make sure people underestimate her

-She is a third cousin twice removed from Tien.

-Her red eyes come from her father since all Hettvallians have red eyes