== Trunks==

Trunks in Another Future, is much like Mirai Trunks but there are a few changes. He got a scar on his chest and arm from fighting the androids, and he is not on his own. He leads the first generation of Z Fighters. He is polite and loyal, but like most Saiyans, he has a dark side if you manage to piss him off.

He grows up raised by his mother Bulma, and Tien often checking in on him. He met the Shinhan triplets when he was 6. He hated the three screaming babies. Around the time he was 12, he noticed that the young old Emerald was fallowing him around. After a little when Tien wasn't looking he invited her to train with him. She did and he took a liking to training with her. When she was a teenager, Trunks started to fall in love with her.

When Emerald turns 18 they are married, and shortly after blessed with their frist daughter, Lillia. Emerald's pregnancy has Trunks protecting her from attacks around the clock, and the other Z Fighters soon join in protecting her. When she is born, Trunks is very protective of his little girl.

He and Emerald have three more daughters, Cassandra, Ishtar, and Bast. Trunks spoils all four of his little girls, he loves them very much. They and there mother mean the world to him, there isn't anything he wouldn't do to protect them.

He fights for the Earth until he dies at age 97.

He is the one who kills Cell in 788 Age.


Like Mirai Trunks' except he is more protective of his family

- he is a kind guy and really kind to his family he does not like pan or Alex Pan always tries to make him interested and Alex tried to flirt and kiss trunks after he got married whenever that happens trunks will tell them to get out


Forms and transformationsEdit


-He is the first to go to SSJ 2

-He named his fist daughter, but Emerald named Ishtar, and Bulma and Tien named Bast

-He got two scars from fights with androids. One on his upper arm, and one on his chest