== Stephen== Stephen is the son of Neil and Kita. He knows all the Z fighters, and is one of the powerhouses of the second generation. He meets Tear, the daughter of Ruby and Carlos. They grew up as best friends, and Stephen and her both dated a few people. But neither ever thought they would end up together until Tear gets saved by Stephen and kisses him as thanks. After that, Stephen starts to fall for Tear, and eventually asks her out. They get married when they are in there early 20s.


He is stubborn, loyal, hotheaded

Race: 1/4 Saiyan and 3/4 Human


Kita: Mother

Niel: Father

Chichi: Grandmother

Kinomi: Aunt

Elvina: Aunt

Tarble: Granduncle

Akira: Grandaunt

Caibe: Grandaunt

Broly: Granduncle

Seripa: 2nd Cousin

Tomoyo: 2nd cousin

Clarissa: Second cousin

Ruby: Mother-in-Law

Crisis: Father-in-Law

Cherra: 2nd cousin once removed


-He can go SSJ

-He shares a birthdday with Tear

-There birthdays is also there wedding anniverery

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