Sear or 015 is like the leader She is looked up to including from

Lev. Sear loves her brothers and sisters, She is younger than Alex but looks older since she looks 25. She can easliy get mad. She is over protective of Lev as much as Lev is of her. Sear may seem cold or heartless around new people but she really is a shy person. She is an AIR android. She gets mistaken as a Gero android alot and gets attacked ofen by just about anyone that is why Alex tells her to stay inside.


Shy, Quite, Has a soft spot around her family, Over protective, can seem as a pushover around Lev but really isn't.


- Ki color is black

- Only is happy around her family

- Gets mistaken for a Gero android

- A.O. Is on all of her clothing
Sear mad

- Dosen't age

- Most of the Z fighters have no clue there are some androids that are good so Sear is the one getting attacked ofen, by kids with bats as much as she wants to fight back she can't.

- she is the prettiest girl I. The world even though she looks goth people try to touch her and stuff

- since Alex likes to take boys that look good and that have a girlfriend Since sear is so pretty Alex trieds to kiss her Alex has tried 90 000 times