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Sandy is a human with special powers together with her brother Ray she was a former Z fighter but when Ray died in a fight she kinda started to lose it a bit and get a obsession with Trunks and tries everything to be with him and do romantic things but it never worked when he he tells her he only sees her as a friend and not love her she gets angry then he tells her that he is in love with Emerald. Sandy gets even more angry and starts to blame him for everything and her brother's deat

then she decides to leave the Z fighters and swore to Trunks she will make him and Emerald pay for everything..later she meets Kiara where she later becomes good friends with .Kiara then decides to help Sandy with letting the Z fighters pay

Sandy haves a bitchy character and can be really selfish but also is a good actrice she tries to gain the trust of Lillia to turn her against her parents but its harder then Sandy thought.she is also a actrice that comes on tv