Mirai Ruby Shocked

Ruby Shinhan is one of the Shinhan triplets. She is very solem and serious. Only ever really thinking on battle for the start of her life. She fallows her sister, Emerald, lead without a second thought. She trusts her. She often acts as a stratgist to Emerald. She is quick thinking.

She meets a man who is out for blood, against the androids 3 and 17 who killed his sister. She befriends the man telling him of the Z fighters. He begs her to join and she reluctantly agrees to bring him to meet the others.

Much to her own surprise though she falls in love with the flirt, Carlos. She ends up marrying him, but only 6 months after there marriage, the androids strike again, killing Carlos.

A month later the grieving Ruby discovers she is pregnant. and 7 months later she gives birth to Tear.

Ruby soon falls for one of Carlos' close friends,Crisis, and Marries him.


She is quiet and serious and solem. She loves her daughter, and never forgets or stops loving Carlos.


-She specializes in Pyrokenisis

-She is a tactian for the Z fighters as well as a fighter


Motto: Keep quiet.