Regal is the son of Vulpes and Venus. He knows only that his grandfather was an enemy of his mother's people. He doesn't want to know more about him, and doesn't push him mother on the subjuect.

He joins the Z fighters like his father while his mothe, while a fighter, never offically does.

He is Half Vulparian, therefore he does
Regal shirtless
n't have a tail but only the ears. His 1/4 Mitsume-Jin blood gives him the three eyes and his 1/4 Hettvallian blood gives him the red eyes.

He grows up on both Earth and Nova Vulpavia, where his father was born.

He befriends Bast and can often be seen talking with her, but the two are never more than just friends.Basil

He falls for Basil.


He is sly, cunning, hotheaded, quick witted, and is more likely to fight in a very sneaky way than an outright fair fight. He is loyal to the people he cares about but that is often overlooked due to the rest of his traits. So is his soft heart, and his love of puppies (yup he loves puppies)


-He has the ability to create strong illusions

-He Loves to Read

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