Pinto is a charming yet aggresive young girl. She is an experienced fighter and former thief. She loves ribbons, dresses, and guns.

One day, while planning a new hiest, Vinca, Sanguis, and Pinto were attacked by the androids. Although they were fighters, they were no match for the androids. Sanguis gave his life to help the girls escape.

Vinca and Pinto formed a two-girl fighting team, but after Pinto is injured, Pinto's cousin Parsley takes them into her hospital. Through Parsley the two meet Trunks, Emerald, and the rest of the Z Warriors. Since they share a similar goal, they decide to join the Z Fighters.

She never takes off her bow-shaped necklace, which was given to her by her father, Colonel Silver.


Pinto is charming, persuasive, and manipulative. She's a sweet girl once you get to know her, but that may take a while because she doesn't trust other easily. She looks up to Vinca as an older sister.


- She always wears her bow necklace

- Her favorite colors are black, grey, and red