She is closest in age to the triplets. She is one of the few of the last defenses the Earth has now. Like Emerald, her looks dropped down in importance on her list.Edit

She falls for Trunks and even tries to win him over at one point. She knows he only loves Emerald, but she can't help it. She works hard to reearn Emerald's turst. Personality: Tough, Stubborn, Kind and Headstrong.

Race: 1/2 Saiyan and 1/2 Mitsume-jin


Launch: Mother (Dead)

Tien: Father

Garnet: Big Sister

Ruby: Big Sister

Emerald: Big Sister

Aqua: Little Sister

Trunks: Brother-in-law

Lillia: Niece

Nerys: Neice

Aela: Niece

Cathal: Nephew

Bast: Niece

Cassandra: Niece

Ishtar: Niece

Tear: Niece

Coral: Niece

Zuko: (adopted) Nephew

Carlos: Brother-in-law (Dead)

Demitri: Brother-in-law

Snag: Student


She has white ki.

She has Hydrokenisis. She doesn't believe in falling in love. She'd rather focus on fighting and training than falling in love.

She hates androids. They are like dirt to her.