Parsley Kales

Parsley is a young medic who runs an underground system. She and her sister, Papaya, a nurse, find survivors after android attacks and bring them to their underground med-center for treatment, because most "offical" hospitals are targets for attacks. During one of her search-and-rescue jobs, she finds only one survivor; a young man named Trunks.

As Trunks recovers, he and Parsley form a friendship. Trunks promises that he and his fellow Z fighters will bring all the survivors they can to her for care, and to protect the hospital. Once he fully recovers, Trunks flies off to rejoin his comrades.

However, soon a

Parsley and an injured Trunks

fter he leaves, Parsley's hospital is attacked by the androids. When Trunks and the Z Fighters finally arrive, it's too late; nearly everyone has been killed. The only survivors are Parsley and her sister, Papaya. Devastated, Parsley wails that the androids will win the war, and that there is no hope for the future. Trunks and Emerald insist she is wrong, and help her start up a new hospital, with round-the-clock protection. Since then, Pasley works as the medic for the Z-fighters as well as civillians. She also serves as a "shrink" for her friends, since she had been studying to be a psychiatrist before becoming a medic.


Parsley is passionate and strong-willed. She may not be a fighter, but she has a fighting heart. She deals with stress well, and is a very good listener. She is quite vulgar and very sarcastic. She is very protective of her sister, Papaya.


- Parsley
is blind in her left eye, due to an android attack

- Parsley does not believe in marriage

- Her mother died when she was 9, and her father is unknown; she has been taking care of her sister ever since

- She always wanted to be a psychiatrist, but decided to be a medic because of all the people the androids killed.