Neil is a human that has a lot of hidden potential. His power when he joins the Z fighters is 888, but it gets up to around Gohan SSJ 2 vs Cell equivelent. When Niel is 10, 17 kills his parents in front of him. 17 let's Niel leave, and he flees scared to death, but swears revenge. But as he trains, he also makes it a point to try to help other victems of the Androids. When he is 13 he meets a 8 year old who is badly wounded. And he fears fataly. But one of the people who he helped tells him of a clinic run by a medic named Parsley , that isn't far away. Niel rushes the young girl there, and waits while Parsley treats her wounds. Parsley tells Niel that his sister is fine. Niel doesn't argue the point. He goes into to see the girl, only to find out the girl has no memories. Parsley tells him that he can help her bring back her memories, and leaves them alone to talk.

The girls asks Niel some questions about "their parents" all Niel can remember is seeing the dead bodies of a man and a woman who looked like her. He tells her the truth that her parents are dead.

The girl becomes withdrawn and depressed almost instantly.

Niel very upset. Quickly says "But don't worry. I'm your big brother. I know about you, and I'll protect you. Forever. I promise. You will stay with me."

The girl a little unsure looks up at him and asks "What is my name then?"

Niel says the first name that pops into his head "Elvinia"

Niel and Elvinia leave when she recovers heeding the warning that Elvinia's memory may never return.

Niel eventually tells Elvinia that he wasn't her brother. She laughs and says. "Yes you are. You took me in, you gave me a name, a family. So not by blood. But I figured that out a while back"

He loves Elvinia just like a little sister, and part of him always wanted her memory to come back and part that didn't so she doesn't remember the pain of seeing her parents killed. Her memory never comes back. But he never stops trying to help her remember.

Later on he and Elvinia join the ranks of the Z fighters as students to two of the Shinhan girls. Niel becomes the studnet of Garnet.

He meets Kita when she is revived and the two become friends and fall in love. They marry and have a son named Stephen


Niel is head strong, stubborn, and passionate. But he is very loyal and sympathetic.


-He thinks that taking in Elviniasaved his life, since he often did very risky things, and tired to hunt down the androids before he had to protect her.

-He loves arguing with Garnet and training with her. He finds her interesting.