She was born on the planet Rhapsody and was raised by the planet's greatest mechanic named, Rant. He was a ruthless man that taught her the family trade. At the young age of 6, was marked with the families symbol of their craft under both eyes and the mark for her namesake ontop of both hands. It was a painful process for a child to endure. She was the youngest child to every be marked in her family. Growing up she had a mixed experience. She had a moderate amount of freinds, but she wasn't that popular with the boys because she only thought about her craft, earning her the nickname'Gear Head'.She never really dated at all. Which made her kinda shy and scared of men.

At the age of 17 she was visited by the profetess Cleopatra,she came with a startling vision. "On your 18th bithday you shall be called to the palace and assigned the task of traveling with members of the royal family and you shall guide them and keep them safe on the journey." was all that was said to her, before the profettess took her leave. So on her 18th birthday, all came to pass. She was called to the palace and told what she already knew. Meeting Isis she was shock that is was the next in line to the throne and her husband. During the journey they formed a freindship that was unbreakable which was unusual for them because they are from different classes, her a preincess and she a craftsman. It was also frowned upon but since she was forseen to be with the princess all judgment was passed.


Ma'at is very intelligent and very fiesty (combative almost, when her machines or any devices of hers, especially the ship controls, are touched).


-She was the youngest to learn her family trade on the planet.

-She is scared of Khonsu.

-First to become freinds with someone from the royal family.

-She hates when people lie to her. So she has the born abilty to tell if someone is lying to her or not.

-She has no plans on getting married.