Lev walking on a planet

Lev gose by, Levi (only when she was a child) Lev or Android 096. She likes being called Lev. She is the last creation of Dr. Smoke also can age to the age of 30 after 30 she stays at that age her aging process starts at age 7. She works for a Organization named AIR. After Dr. Smoke died her entire family had to help raise her and when family it means all 95 of them.

Alex, Sear, and Ryan had to take care of her aswell. Lev is the kind of person that lives life in the moment which worries her brothers and sisters.

Most of the Z fighters don't know what AIR is. So they get attacked ofen by both Gero's androids and Z fighters thinking they are Gero's creation. Sear is the one who looks like she could be one of Gero's androids but she is from AIR.



Lev as a child was a sheltered life so she didn't know what was happing but explotions. She cares for her brothers and sisters and made a pledge to protect them with her life.



Ambitious, Clumsy, Hyper, Kind, Loving, Innocent, Protective (Good and Bad thing)

Bad Traits - Her over protectiveness over her older brothers and sisters, Can be annoying and tries to make up for it, Can be idotic at times.


- She's a AIR Android so she's good.

- She ages.

- Ki color is red.

- Has A.O. on all of her clothing just like the rest of the AIR androids created by Dr. Smoke.

- Has been trainig since the day she was made.

-One of the two androids Dr. Smoke made age.