Not blind as a bat, but has terrible eye sight. Born with terrible eyesight, he needs help walking around place to place. Kuris is Mai's son and Pilaf's son. And has a perosnality like his mother, but only calmer. He get's into fights with his brother Shao. They're like Drake and Josh, only diffrent. Like Kuris would be Drake and Shao would be Josh. And May would be Megan. You get the idea. Anyway, since of his bad eye sight, his aunt Keiko has to help him walk around. Even though his eye sight is terrible, he can still sence where the enemy is by noise and his eyes closed. He tries to help with the fighting but he still has trouble.

Later on, he has fallen in love with Cherra and they end up getting married.


- He is irresponsible some times.

- He is nice, calm, and is trusting, but has lots of fights with Shao.


- He wishes he hadn't had bad eye sight.

- He wishes he doesn't need help walking around.