Kit came to the Vulparian throne when she was 6 when her parents died. While the strongest child of the ruler gets the throne her older sister Vixen refused the throne thought she was a little stronger.

She was raised by the then 7 year old Vixen, who she loved and looked up to.

She learned to fight from her aswell.

She was also tought other tricks of there people, she is a good theif, good at conning people.

She has the courage to stand up to her advisers and other rulers, and always puts her people first.

But she loves her big sister and fears loosing her, not seeing her everyday, like her parents her biggest fear is to be alone.

Talking to her sister one day she revieled this fear to her. For her sister had many a man's attenion on Vulpair.

"But Vixen when a nice man asks you to marry him someday, and you move away... I won't have anyone again. You can't get married Vixen, ever. I don't want to be alone sister! I can't be alone!!" she had sobbed while in the study with her sister.

But her big sister smiled and looked down at Kit, "Then to you little sister, I swear a vow on my honor and pride. Until the day you are wed I shall turn all suitors away. Then when you are wed, I may be too, then you will not be alone when I move with my husband, for you will have your own"

This relaxed Kit, knowing that Vulparians always kept there word.

She got to Earth with Vixen because she had a vision, which Kit has, that told her that they were needed on Earth. So they ended up lending there aid to the Z fighters, since Kit couldn't stand by and see innocent people get hurt


Kit is strong willed, stubborn, a good fighter, quick on her feet. She is sly and cunning. She is honest and loyal. And dedicated to her people. But she secretly longs tor love. She is always smiling be it because she is happy or up to something.


~She became Queen When she was only 6 years old

~She has fox ears and a tail, unlike her sister since her sister is only a half breed

~She lived a sheltered life

~She has visions
Kit regal