Keiko Angry

Keiko is Mai's younger sister. Although they don't look very much alike because of Keiko's brown hair. She doesn't like it when people say they don't look alike. She usually fights most of the time, but has to help Kuris walk around because he has had bad eye sight. She has to team out with him, along with his brother and sister May and Shao. She is like their "nanny" but she is basically their aunt. Thus she must control the fighting, screaming, spitting, and crying with 2 teens (and 1 little girl).

She only has one daughter and her name is Nana who has the personality of her mother.


- She never follows the phrase "Can't judge a book by it's cover" So when he see's anything, she just runs to it.

- She doesn't like arguing with her niece and nephew (especially her daughter)

- She is calm, but likes to be noisy a lot.


- She's mostly careless and likes to run around the free world.

- Even hough she's careless, she's very protective.