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Katalians are from Planet Kata which was destroyed nearlly 42 years ago but the entire race is not extint there are a few that remain. They are cat-like warriors yes, cat-like. Cat tails are only born on The full Katatians or Goru as the only exeption. We don't know much about the Katalians on planet Kata only they were controled by Zelos. Katalians have a very good sense of smell, sight and hearing, They pay attention even if they don't want to. Most of them don't like dogs. The classic look for a Katalian is Blue hair and Green eyes if you had anything diffirent you were odd or royalty (Rukai is a prince so he's abnormal and royalty.) The only full Katalians alive are, Goya and Rukai. The rest died off from Zelos or if they didn't then there 1. Stranded on a planet and not know the news, 2. Are outcast or can't fight and on exille and surrvive. Or 3. 1/2 Katalian and another race but the Katalian parent either left or died, maybe looking after them.

Full Katalians:Edit



Ankai (Rukai's younger brother he's on exille)

Half Katalians (Alternate Future Timeline):Edit