Ishtar is the third daughter of Emerald and Trunks and her Bast and Cassandra are triplets and the next heirs to the throne of New Mitsumea. She is the reckless one (a lot like Lillia) but unlike Lillia she never thinks things threw. She is always ready to battle, and is the first to rush into a fight. Her behavior has gotten her nearly killed four times. She looses her temper easily and worries everyone sick when she attacks those who get her angry. She loves her family to no end though and would go to the ends of the universe and back for them


She is headstrong, stubborn, argumentitive, and impulsive. She hates it when her sisters tell her to think things threw, and prefers to charge headlong into the frey. She is spoiled and passionate. She is pretty vain


-The opposite of her Bast

-She got her hair from her grandmother, Bulma

-Much to everyones surprise her IQ is actually 135, which, while lower than her sisters, still qualifies her as a genius

-Her main power is Hydrokenisis

-She is named after the most promant female gods from Babylon