Contact UsEdit

This is how you can get in contact with us. (we will add how to) Garnet is the one who is going to be able to answer most of your questions but feel free to ask the other members too.

Garnet can be reached on youtube: My youtube channel or here.

Rules for joiningEdit

1) You have to have an RPC for DBZ

2) You need to fallow the rules of Another Future, and can't contradict other people's RPCs (This is a series, so if you get confused ask me)

3) You Have to be nice to other people who participate (I won't tolorate rudeness and such)

4) Contact one of us (Garnet for joining), include information in a personal message:

RPCs Name



Side (are the a Z fighter? Villain? other?)

Love Interest (if any)

Does it work out? (if there is a love interest)

A link to an edit/drawing of them

Some information on them

5) If you want to pair your RPC with someone eleses, ask them first.

6) If you are pairing with an already existing character, make sure that someone hasn't already paired there RPC with them (this is first come first serve I can't pair people with the same people over and over)

7) Have edits/drawings up somewhere we can use for series and pics (Don't worry you will be credited)

8) No bashing others RPCs or couples