Garnet is one of the triplets of the Shinhan family. She is techincally the youngest of the three. While outside of Another Future she was described as nieve in

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r Future she is the exact opposite. She grew up with her sisters and became good friends with Trunks. She meets and falls in love with and later marries a man named Demitri and has

three children. Cathal, Nerys, and Aela.

She is a good mother. Always looking out for her children and she is a good sister.

She grew up learning how to fight and to protect the innocent people. She fallows her sister, Emerald. She listens to what she says and fallows her orders and battle stratgies. She is very good at paying attention to detail.

She proves to be a force to reckon with if you get her in a fight. She looks up to her father, Tien and her mother, Launch


She is vain an egotistical. She hates it when someone ruins her outfit. But she is also a stubborn hardheaded fighter. She is loyal and compassionate. Over all she is a passionate person.


-Has Terrakenisis
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-Is part of the Crown of Mitsume with her sisters, Emerald and Ruby

-She gets along best with her sister Pearl

-Was born the day after her sisters, Emerald and Ruby eventhough they are triplets. (Emerald was born and 11:54 pm, Ruby was born at 11:58 pm and Garnet was born at 12:02 pm)