&nbsp Emerald and Trunks are the main couple of Another Future.

They meet both being Z fighters, and hit it off right away. They both took the reins and started to lead the new Z fighters and learned to trust each other. They became very close friends, and that friendship turned to love.
Mirai Emerald sees Trunks
But this love wasn't without obsitcles. Of the many girls who loved Trunks, her own sister, Pearl, was one of them. When Emerald learned of this she told
Mirai Emerald it's okay Trunks
Pearl she really didn't want to upset her so even though she was also in love with Trunks if Pearl wanted, she would end it. But Pearl told her she wanted her to be happy and there love continued to grow.

When Emerald turned 18 she and Trunks married.

They have four daughters,Lillia, Cassandra, Bast and Ishtar

The power of the love they share inspires many, because even when everything turned bad for them they would be able to turn to each other. They could overcome everything that was thrown at them, and the other Z fighters found this inspiring. They love that Emerald and Trunks could find love and happieness in such a hell that they lived in, so there love gave many others hope that the world was still a good place.

And there family pulled everyone together thanks to Lillia