Elvinia was found by Niel baddly wounded and out cold next her dead parents. Niel takes her to Parsley's clinic. She is treated but left with amnesia that she never recovers from. She is told by Niel that her parents are dead, and she becomes very depressed, to make her feel better; Niel says that he is her big brother, so he will protect her. Elvinia was sceptical of that.

"If you are my brother than what is my name?" She had asked, unsure of his claim. He looked nothing like her.

"Elvinia, of course." He smiled.

When she was better the two left the clinic and went on training and helping people. She always counts Niel as a brother, eventough she realizes when she is little that he relaly isn't her brother by blood.

She joins the Z fighters as a student to Emerald. She falls head over heels in love with Trunks, and eventhough she counts Emerald as a friend, she finds herself jealous. But her love fades and she falls in love with a man named James. James and her get engaged and she gets pregnant. They get attacked when she is about 8 months pregnant, and James is killed. Niel saves her, but the attack caused her to go into labor early. The little boy was a stillborn, but she still named him James Jr..

She turns to her friend and fellow Z fighter, Liam for comfort. He gives her a shoulder to cry on. And Elvinia realizes that she is in love with Liam. She always knew Liam had been in love with her, but she had never returned his feelings before. But she opened her eyes and realized how much she loved him.

They got married only a year later, and she has a daughter named Madelyne, who goes by Maddie.


Elvinia is very sweet, but stubborn and easily angered. She is always jumping into conversations, and putting her nose where it doesn't belong. But she has a very magnetic personality.


-She was named by Niel