Mirai Drake she's interesting

Drake is a human with a great amount of potential. Raised by a drunk of a mother, he never had an easy life. But he protects his little sister, Mellissa. He hates the androids. They killed his best friend. So he is always out lookin gfor revenge. He runs into them one time and attacks 17 with a knife, only to find himself about to get killed, when he gets saved by a black haired girl with a tail.

She calls him insane, but grins saying he has guts, and offers to train him. She tells him her name is Seripa and her uncle was once the savior of this planet, so she plans to fight for it.

When her family arrives on Earth she invites him and his sister to stay with them, they take her up on the offer.

About a 6 months after he moved in Seripa tells him that she is pregnant. So Seripa pulls out of the fights until there daughter is born. He loves his little girl, Cherra. He dotes on her, and even tries to shape up so she doesn't pick up some of his bad habbits. He never marries Seripa, but he never believed in marriage, it failed his parents, his friends parents. He never saw it as anything useful. He knew he was in love with Seripa and wanted to be with her forever. But he also knew he didn't want to get married. When he talked to Seripa he was surprised to learn Seripa could care less about marriage, as long as she loves Drake, she is happy, and she doesn't need a piece of paper to tell her that. So they remain together until the day Drake dies and reunite in Other World.


Drake is an all together bad boy. He prefers fighting with a knife to his fist, and he is loyal to his friends and family. He is very together, and never looses his cool.

He is described by Broly as "a saiyan in a human body" Mirai Drake


-He is the son of a mob boss

-He pretty much raised his little sister

-He is chi sensitive

-His power is a surprising 780 when Seripa first meets him and gets up to a whopping 30,000 when she finsihs taining him