Clarrissa and Marrisa are the first yuri couple in the series. The two became friends pretty quickly with Gohan taking in Marrisa before his death, and Clarrissa being adopted by Goku's sister, Akira, and her husband.

They trained together and got did a lot together, Clarrissa, cut back a little on there training when she took to training her student, Freya.

She was ignorant to Marrisa's true feelings when she fell in love with the flirt of the Z fighters, Snag. But the man she fell for was also in love with her student.

The fight ended with Calrrissa's loss.

Despaired and frustrated she turned to her old friend for compfort. Marrisa decied now would be a good time to confess to her secret crush.

Shocked upon hearing her best friend confess love to her, Clarrissa needed to sort out her thoughts.

She tells Marrisa she needs to think and goes to talk to Akira.

Akira asks Clarrissa a series of questions getting her to question how she really feels. And by the end of her mother's questioning, Clarrissa realizes that Marrisa's love is not unrequited.

She returns to her and tells her that she is in love with her as well.

The girls get married and Clarrissa gives birth to a daughter, Covertia

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