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Clarrissa was a human who's parents were killed not by the androids, but by her sister, Alexa. She got away from her sister at age 4, and got lost in the woods. She was found by Akira, who decided to adopt her. Akira and Tarble were married, and raised the young Clarrissa. Clarrissa lost sight in her eye due to a scar given to her by Android 17 and 18 and barely missed her other eye. She had to tweak her fighting style when she lost her eyesight, but swore revenge on the androids.

She is out and finds a girl being attacked. At first she thinks the girl will do something, because she notices an odd amount of power from the girl. Only to see the girl get attacked, scream and do nothing to defend herself. Fallowing her raising she goes to aide her. She fights off the androids and starts to leave. But the girl calls back to her telling her she needs to protect her incase she gets attacked again.

Clarrissa very frustarted by this yells that she isn' ther bodyguard and she should grow up and learn to defend herself.

After some more arguing with the girl, she offers to train her. The girl reluctanly agrees. So the girl, Freya, goes home with Clarrissa since her parents were killed by the androids.

Once she looses to her student for Snag love, she ends up getting confessed to by her friend, Marrisa.

After a talk with her mother, she realizes that she returns the feelings and the two end up married, and have a daughter, Covertia


Clarrissa is very short tempered, she is agressive, and passionate. She loves her Mother and Father, Akira and Tarble. And she fights for them. She is as agressive as any saiyan, and has a tendincy to sneak out to find a fight. She doesn't stand down and will always stand up for what she believes in.
Clarrissa ready to fight
She is a real fighter, and is always trainging.


-She is blind in her right eye.

-She competes for the love of Snag with her student, Freya

-She was adopted by one of Goku's sisters and Vegeta's brother

-She was raised as a saiyan

-She blocked out her memories of Alexa

-She is half of the first and currently only yuri couple in Another Future