Cherra serious

Cherra is the daughter of Seripa and Drake. She is Broly and Caibe's granddaughter, Akira's greatnice, ect.

She is a warrior born and bred like her mother, and lacks the fashionista streak her normal timeline counterpart has. She is always itching for a fight, one that can push her past every limit she has, just like her mother.

She is a theif like her father. And makes it a point to fight to live, and she lives to fight.

She looks out for her little brother, Raphiel, who she calls Raph.

She helps the Z fighters in honor of Goku, just like Seripa but also because it gives her a chance to encounter some of the stronger forces in the universe, something she craves.

She is Rapheil's big sister and is older than him by a 3 and a half. She is very protective of him and would do anything for him.

She falls in love and marries Kuris. Who shows her that love really isn't a weakness. She protect Kuris, and fears he will end up hurt.

She encounters an elderly man on a planet caleed Blarion, where she and Kuris are visiting, and looking into possibly helping his eyesight a little bit. . The man talks to her shortly ending the conversation with "You really are Seripa's daughter aren't you. But soemtimes those secrets you think best to hide, are the killers when they come out. And they always come out."

What is Cherra hiding, does she keept it from Kuris for his own safety?


She is stubborn, a fighter, short tempered, can be vulgar, not shy, honest, loyal, passionate, when she lets herself be, fun. Serious, many say scary

She has a happy side, go lucky, one that enjoys life for more than fighting. But like her mother, she will only find it when love finds her. And that doesn't mean she won't still have that mixed in with her normal personality.


-She is a hydrokentic

-She doesn't have an odd form like her mother or grandfather, but can get to the second level.

-Her second level adds to her ki overtime not consumes it.

-She needs someone to teach her what Drake tough her mom, love is not a weakness, and it is worth it

-She has a ruby embroidered on all her cloths

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