Cassandra is the second daughter of Emerald and Trunks. She is a year younger than Lillia. She Bast and Ishtar are triplets, and the next Heirs to the throne of New Mitsumea

She takes over as the second-in-Command of the Z fighters when the second generation takes control. Seeing as she is more level headed than her sister Ishtar, and acts more than Bast.

She has no love interest as of the moment but that never bothers her. She loves training with her big sister and looks up to her. She protects her little sisters, and is like her sister Lillia, spoiled. Aside from Apphrodite and her mother, her teacher is Valkyrie.


She is thoughtful and quiet, but always ready to get in a fight. She is the most balanced of the sister, as in she is both levelheaded and ready to act.

She is sweet and kind, but a little untrusting of those that aren't family or Z fighters

She is never hyper and is often found reading


-Is an Aerokentic like her mom

-Is the second daughter of Trunks and Emerald

-Built a meditation garden for her, her aunts, sisters, and cousins in Capsule Corp.

-She is named for the Princess/Prophetis/Priestess of Troy

-She is best friends with Parsley's daughter, Basil