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Calypso is an alien sorcerous from the alien race known as Veneficus. She, along with her apprentice Mezzo and her half-brother Atlas, travel to Earth in serch of a new challenge. Calypso, as the leader of the trio, decides to stay on Earth and help the Z Fighters destroy the Androids.


Calypso is very adventurous; she loves a challenge and a chance to prove herself to others. Although she can be very hot-headed and full of herself at times, she has a good heart. She's always willing to help others, no matter the cost. She is a born leader.


- She and Atlas share the same mother

- She often changes her hairstyle

- Calypso can predict the future, but only under certian circumstances

- She's the most skilled magician out of her trio

- She knows a wide array of magic, but her favorite is potion making

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