Mirai Caibe

Caibe is Goku's Twin sister. She lived threw the destruction of Planet Vegeta. She thinks all her family is dead until a run in with Paragus and Broly. Paragus gets on her nerves very quickly and she realizes that he is in fact controlling Broly. Furious that a father could do this to his own son, Caibe looses her temper and kills Paragus, and breaks the devise that had been Controlling Broly.

Broly though greatful tries to explain to Caibe that he is dangerous, Caibe just shrugs it off saying she doesn't mind. She can bring him back no matter how insane he gets. Broly doesn' trust this and tries to get away from her. But Caibe was always persistant, and loved having another saiyan around, so she kept tracking him down. And much to Broly's shock he fell in love with her.

When she tells him about her family it almost ends it all, but she did just as she promised and calmed him down.

They move from planet to planet enjoying life, until they finally settle on a planet called Nirvana. There they have there first child, a daughter by the name of Seripa. A few years later they are blessed with a second child, Tomoyo.

Caibe realizes quickly that her daughters are far from normal. Her first daughter's strength increses rapidly, and she reaches SSJ and SSJ 2 early on. Later she realizes she has a third form that she refues to go into saying "Last time i went to it, I couldn't control myself. I was afraid I would hurt the people I love" she realizes it is just like Broly's Legendary form. And encourages Seripanot to go to it.

Tomoyo while not a fighter, seems to knwo things before they happen. Always. Only never about her sister or her father. Tomoyo tries to keep what she "sees" to herself but it comes out sometimes. So accurate it unnerves most around her.

But Caibe always protected her daughters.

When Seripa was 16 Caibe got word that her twin Goku, and her older sister, Akira, were living on Earth. She travels with her family to meet them, but they send in Seripa first, because she would be the most likely to get along on the planet best.

Caibe is devistated to hear her twin had died, but happy to know her big sister still lives. and The family moves to Earth to help protect the planet her brother loved.


Caibe is pretty much a female Goku. There isn't much else that needs to be said about it.


-She got the scar from Paragus when she killed him.

-She stayed with Broly originally because she found him interesting

-She acts just like her twin even though they never met

-Her name is pronounced Cay-ba it is a pun on cabbage