Bast is the fourth child of Trunks and Emerald. She Ishtar and Cassandra are triplets. They are the next heirs to the throne of New Mitsumea. She is almost always seen watching her sisters train rather than training herself. Though she can fight. And she often wins, because when you get in a fight with her it is only after she knows everything about your fighting style, so she is great at taking down her oppenents by fighting smart. She Loves her sisters and says they are the most important people in her life.

Bast saved


Bast is the opposite of Ishtar in most ways. She is very quiet and seems very aloof. She spends her time analyzing everyone and everything. She learns about her oppents before she fights them whenever possible. She is a bit on the timid side. and like all her other sisters she is spoiled.


Think Swiftly, Speak Softly, Act Slowly


-She uses Photokenisis

-She is the analitical type and almost never takes risks
Bast ears out

-She gets her hair and eyes from her grandmother, Launch

-She is occasionly shown with cat ears, when she is surprised. But she doesn't actually have cat ears. It is just a joke because of her name being Bast.

-She is named after the ancient Egyptian cat Goddess