Athena Cat form.

Athena is a Mitsume-jin Preistess. She went crazy when she got possessed while preforming an exorsisim. She killed 10 people. She wanted to repent for what she did and begged for a punishment. She was cursed and bound to a form of a cat. She went to Earth 10 years before Tien's birth. She lives as an ally cat, taking a form of a Mitsume-jin with limit powers on the Full Moon, and on the New Moon gaining full uses of her powers and her true form. She learns of the the Shinhan Girls being on Earth so she decided to get close to one of Emerald's friends, Jasmine. Jasmine names her Butterscotch and she still calls her that even when she learns of her true form. Athena only let's Jasmine call her that and becomes good friends with her and talks to her telepathically.

Athena, Jasmine, and Markel get trapped. Jasmine, not being a fighter is in the most trouble, and Markel can't protect her and a cat. Athena begs Markel to remove the curse his ancestors put on her since then she could fight and help protect Jasmine. Reluctantly Markel agrees.
Athena returns to her human form but remains on Earth, Loyal to the Shinhan girls. And remains friends with Jasmine, but moves into Capsule Corp. at the insistants of Emerald.

She uses her psychic powers to heal, and put curses and spells. Unique gifts even among Mitsume-jin


Athena is stubborn, vulgar, and very loyal. She has a sweet side but it takes a little to see it.


-She was a cat for 2,876 years.

-She only lets Jasmine call her "Butterscotch

-She has 3 forms while cursed, Her cat form, New Moon Form, and Ture Form