17 before killing Mars

This timeline's 17 model 2 is nothing

compared to present timelne 17 model 2.6 months after the world's savior,Goku, had died,Dr.Gero had sent Android 1 after the androids tht turned on him,and manipulate them.Android 1 had went after 17 model 2 first and he was manipulated. Then he went after his wife,16 model 2 and manipulated her,but she knew it was going to happen,so she gave Demitri,who was 4 at the time,to Gohan so he could be trained.From then on,him and the Androids continued destruction across the world.Demitri now is 21 and he take the opporutunity to take on all of the Androids,however Android 1 sends 16 model 2 and 17 model 2 after him. The almost kill him,leaving him for dead,but he was rescued by his wife, Garnet.