Alex or Android 009, She is the 9th android created by

Dr. Smoke, She can not age so she's stuck as a 14 year old. She gets annoyed really easliy, mainly by Lev because Lev can be over protective eventhough she's older than her. Alex hates being compared to any of Gero's androids it gets on her nerves that some Z fighters mistake any of her family for Gero's creations. She is also very quite.


Quite, Agressive, Firey


- She can not age.

- She is more quite then any of her brothers and sisters.

- She only shows how much she cares to Lev.

- Ki Color is Light Blue.

- AIR Android.

- Has A.O. on all of her clothing.

- Has a attack called Leave me alone.

- she is stupid cause she is a creation ment to be like pan she is also a boyfriend taker she tried to take 90 000 boys from their love

- she has a secret that she tries to kiss her own bottom